Dog Training 101

This class is tailored to kids and first time dog parents.  We go over the basics of how to introduce your dog to new behaviors.  It is informative on how to train and has a lengthy question and answer session at the end.  You can tailor this to your particular group with the length of the class and specific topics.  Charge for instruction depends on specific needs but I love to teach so I never charge too much!


Canine Massage

This is so fun to teach - I just love it.  This is really fun to have at someone's home and invite 5 friends over and all learn how to give your pet a massage.  It is amazing how they all relax and it is valuable information to use when you take your pets to the vet or other stressful situations.  Again you can tailor the length to fit your needs.  A great class for pet owners of all ages.  Price for instruction depends on class size and length so call to discuss.


Custom Class

If you have an idea you would like me to teach, I am all ears.  With all of my years of dog training, I know more that I probably should.  So ask away!