We love your pets just like you do!

Plenty of Fun Every Visit!


Let us know what your dog or cat love!  Our aim is to keep them smiling!

Keeping Your Pets Safe is Our Goal!


In my 16 years of professional pet care, I have never had a pet injured.  They are always kept on leash when not in a yard or dog park.  They have safe toys to chew on, carefully monitored food, clean bowls of water and food.  Your pet is safe!

Does your pet need grooming?


We will gladly make your life easier and take your dog or cat to the groomer.  We charge an additional $20 for dropping them off and picking them up and you can supply a check or credit card info for the visit.

Veterinarian Visit? No problem.


Taking your pet to the veterinarian can be difficult with work schedules.  Let me help you!  Just $20 for pick up and drop off and a check or credit card info.

We love sharing our home with your pet!


We are absolute pet lovers.  My husband Bob loves to wrestle with the dogs that we care for and stay in our home.  He is a real kid at heart.  Try us out!

Would you like photos or updates?


No problem at all.  My phone is always on and it is simple to remember - (952) Good-Dog! 

 Or (952) 466-3364.  I love keeping parents informed and sending photos.

Pet Care Service List

If you need any other care, just ask. I am here for you!