Dog Training

You have nothing to loose except your dog's bad behaviors!


If I can not give you relief and satisfaction, I don't want you to pay.  I have been in business for 15 years offering dog training in the Twin Cities and no one has ever taken me up on this.  Give me a try!

Common Sense Dog Training


From working at the Humane Society to many other training facilities in the Twin Cities and my own Canine Massage practices, I have a lot of experience to help your pooch out.  You won't get frustrated and it will be a good experience for you and your dog.

Scientific Training Methods


Ian Dunbar is called the "Grand Father of Positive Dog Training".  He lives in California originally from England.  He is a veterinarian.  In the 1960's, dog training was quite brutal.  He one day was watching Gentle Ben and wondered how they trained the bears.  He went to the studio in California and found out they were trained on Beer and Donuts.  He decided to do this with dogs and began positive training with Hot Dogs, not beer.  He has many schools in California and I have attended his training seminars.  It is fun to teach his way and you have a happy dog!

90 Minute Dog Training Session


A 90 Minute session will give us time to meet and time to work with the dog without tiring them out too much.  Typically, the dog is really exhausted after learning a new behavior.  I will leave you with excercises to do with your dog daily to keep them in the routine.  One session is all you will need but if you need me back, I am only a phone call away.

Treats and Kibble


When I come to your home, I will ask you to supply me with a sandwhich bag of his food and 5 soft treats cut up very small.  This is what I train with.  It really goes over well!

$90 for a Training Session


I would absolutely love to help you with your dog.  Every appointment I just get a kick out of the dogs.  People typically will tell me that they think there dogs are sick when I am there because they are so calm  Or they are mad they waited so long.  If your dog has a problem, I have the answers so call (952) Good-Dog and get some help!