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Good Dog, LLC began in 2002.  In the beginning, it was a dog walking service which quickly grew to include dog training, overnight care, and canine massage.  It is ran by Lisa Sellman, a world leader in teaching classes on Canine Massage and Dog Training.

Lisa Sellman & Her Wonderful Companion, Jasmine


Jasmine was here for the start of Good Dog, LLC.  She went on 8 to 10 dog walks a day and loved every minute of it.  She also was a great companion for dog training.  Dogs that would bark or growl at other dogs, she helped alleviate their anxiety.  She was a great play mate to all the dogs that stayed at Lisa's homes over the years.  Jasmine has since passed on of old age but she will always be missed.  There can only be one Jasmine. 

Ally Mae


This little goofball is the newest member of the Sellman household.  After Jasmine's passing, we fostered for 6 months many different puppies from every possible breed helping us to cope with the loss.  Ally Mae came to us with her brother and is a Australian Shephard/Blue Heeler mix.  We loved her so decided to make this one permanent.  Jasmine was quite the Princess and never got into trouble and this one does not go a day without causing mischief but she is fun!

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