Professional Dog Training

Do you have a dog you want to understand better? Do you have a dog you have taken to dog training or worked with yourself and you still are frustrated by their behavior? I can help you understand your dog and find the common language to communicate and move forward in peace and joy.

I started dog training in 2004 when my own dog, Jasmine, was a puppy. I have worked at many rescues and humane societies to figure out how dogs think. It has been a wonderful experience to work with children and to help them see how easy it is to work with their own dogs.

I have many options available for dog training so lets find one that fits you.

$90 – One on One Dog Training – I come to your home and work with all the members of your family to work with your dog. I want everyone on the same page as far as dog training. Usually, this is 90 minutes to 2 hours of training. A follow up phone call is included in this price. It is amazing what we can accomplish with this one session.

$275 – Three Weekly Sessions – This is a more in-depth training program. I will come to your home once a week for three weeks and we will work on specific training issues. Each week we will choose a modality. This also includes unlimited phone calls during the three weeks.

$75 – Workshop – Do you belong to a rescue or specific dog breed club? I offer workshops to teach people behavior modification. It is great to see the changes we can make in a 90 minute workshop. Call to find out for yourself.

$800 – Two Week Dog Training – I also offer a board and train option. Your dog will stay with me for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, I will teach you how to work with him. There is also unlimited phone call support with this program.

$35 – Leash and Harness – I sell wonderful leash and harness sets. Call if you would like to see them.

Leash & Harness Training
Leash & Harness Training