Animal Communication

Interspecies communication is a unique opportunity for learning, clarity and healing. Through direct two-way information exchange, we increase mutual understanding and can work towards resolution of issues in our relationships with other beings. Psychic animal communication is natural; everyone can talk with animals! Most of us have simply forgotten how, but can recall instances from childhood or other times in our lives when we’ve been connected to our intuitive abilities and perceived things in a non-physical manner. We can all remember how to listen and perceive the true nature and essence of an animal’s unique personality and soul. The universal language of telepathy allows us to use our natural intuition and abilities to communicate with other species.

Animal Communication is priced at

  • $25 for a 15 minute session,
  • $35 for a 30 minute session and
  • $50 for a 60 minute session. 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about my consultations, both on the phone and in person.

Q: What if my animal has a particular problem? Can you tell them what to do?

A: No, because all animals have free will, and we can't change our animals' basic or inherited behavior - no one can do that. However, based on my many years of veterinary technician training and a varied background of professional animal experience along with years of communicating with animals and clients, I can give you a variety of solutions. My suggestions are conventional and holistic to solve your problems. I also encourage clients for feedback and will continue to help you if it is a long-standing problem. My practice has been based mostly on years of referrals from clients and veterinarians.

Q. Why have many people come to you for help when nothing else has worked?

A: I feel my job as a detective for the last piece of the puzzle comes from getting the information directly from your animal's true perspective. Many times a "behavior problem" is more than that, maybe there is something else contributing to the overall situation, such as diet, environment, or a medical problem. By sorting all of this out, we can help you to help your pet!

Q. Do I call you only when my pet and I have a problem?

A. No, Many people call to find out what else they can do to make their pet even happier!

Q. How can you talk to me about my pet by phone?

A. When you call me, I speak to you about your pet on the phone, but I am "talking" to your pet telepathically. Your animal companion's name is their own personal radio frequency that I dial in like a radio wave. I truly understand people being skeptical about this process - all I can say to answer them is that I do half of my business over the phone with people literally all over the world.

Hopefully this has answered some of the questions that you may have had.

Thank you for checking out my website. Blessings to you and your companions.